Accounting and Auditing Services

Tili-Ilmarinen Oy has operated since 1988, and with our long experience we can help you with

  • Starting a company
  • Monthly accounts
  • Year-end financial statements according to Finnish GAAP
  • Tax returns
  • Consulting in various tax and business issues
  • Statutory audit (naturally only if we are not taking care of your financial accounting) NB if you consider electing an auditor you must contact us beforehand!


    Mr Mika Suoranta (born 1966), MSc Economics 1993, Authorized Public Accountant 2001. Has worked at Tili-Ilmarinen since 1994, and 1996-2007 also at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Independent sole practitioner since 2007. Auditing experience includes wide range of companes from small family-owned business to listed multinationals filing IFRS accounts, working both alone and as team manager.

    Mrs Satu Suoranta (born 1966) BSc Economics 1988, MSc Economics 1997. Has worked at Tili-Ilmarinen from the beginning in 1980s, and full-time since 1994.

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